Mirroring the nutritional concept of a balanced diet for your body, containing all the vital ingredients for healthy skin.

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So, what are the Key Skincare ingredients for healthy skin? What keeps skin looking clearer, softer, fresher, younger, whatever the concerns, nutrition, and balance are key!

If the Key is what you looking for?

We have the answer!

Nature’s own superfood! Milk and specifically Donkey milk, Why Donkey Milk it has the closest composition to human breast milk, used for centuries as milk (food ) replacement It is packed full of nature’s natural vitamins, minerals, omega oils antioxidants, It also contains high levels of fatty acids for skin healing and rejuvenation, fatty acids like omega 3,6,9 are the building blocks for healthy skin they also produce the skins natural barrier, critical in keeping it hydrated plump replenished brighter and younger-looking.

Our Smartass White Gold range is a skincare range created that, addresses all types and ages of skincare needs regardless of age gender, or type.

We believe our incredible white gold range is akin to the complete balanced diet for that skin, as it is for your body

As we know from birth, babies, flourishing and thriving from only a milk diet, it is proven to have the complete building blocks for nourishment growth and regeneration as well as all-natural antibodies and antibiotics, and pro-biotics to protect and maintain optimum gut health

The Smartass White Gold mirrors the nutritional concept of a balanced diet for your body.

This very unique selection of skincare products contains all the vital ingredients for healthy skin, while at the same time re-enforces the impotence of the inside-out approach to skincare

The Smartass White Gold range is a truly unique and revolutionary approach to skin health and wellbeing.

Choosing only natural and organic ingredients, letting mother nature heal, protect and nourish your skin.

Our Skincare products are the very definition of Superfood for your skin.

The way forward in natural skincare.

Skincare good enough to eat

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