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Donkey Milk Super Serum

I can honestly say it leaves my skin soft and glowing. And so far I haven’t had a single spot since using it. 😍🎉 I’m banging on about it on my stories if you’re interested. PS I can’t believe there’s no donkey emoji! 🤣


Donkey Milk Skincare Range

Thank you @smartass.skincare.uk for sending these out I’m so glad I got to try these amazing products. Would highly recommend them.


Donkey Milk Cleansing Bar

“I very rarely have any skin concerns, that was until recently where I had an episode of perioral dermatitis. I completely stripped back my cleansing regime, replacing my usual cleansing oil with SmartAss Cleansing Bar. I loved that the bar contained only natural and organic ingredients also had antibacterial properties so I felt I was in safe hands. From the first time I started using the cleansing bar in the evening to remove makeup, I noticed that my skin was less textured and felt smoother, without further outbreaks (which was happening on a daily basis beforehand). I still wore makeup, just a very lightweight powder foundation and a week later my skin had returned to its normal condition. The perioral dermatitis had vanished and hasn’t returned since. Thank you SmartAss beauty. Highly recommended.”