The Cleansing Bar

This solid and delicate cleansing bar made with donkey milk is suitable for the face and body. The rich percentage of donkey milk cleanses and moisturises the skin, making it soft and elastic. Precious fatty acids protect the membranes of the skin while Lysozyme attenuates the skin’ss inflammatory state and plays an important antibacterial action. Antioxidants help counteract the formation of free radicals, filter sunlight and intercept UV radiation.

White Gold

Wrinkle Rewind Mega Moisture

This mega moisturising cream made with 78% pure fresh donkey milk is enriched with wheat germ, rosehip, lentisk hypericum, and olive oils. Packed with vitamins (A,B, C, D, E), minerals, amino acids, proteins, and omega 3 & 6. This truly amazing cream helps hydrate, smooth, lift, nourish, rejuvenate, renew and exfoliate the skin. Combating the signs of aging, soothes redness and helps stimulate the formation of new collagen elastin and fibroblasts. Skin looks silky, tighter, smoother, and more compact.


Super Serum


This precious intensely moisturising serum, made with 98% pure fresh donkey milk, is packed with vitamins (A,B,C,D,E), minerals, amino acids, protein and omega 3 & 6. It is an extraordinary adjuvant in the cell membrane regeneration process. It regenerates the skin and reduces skin aging effects. The serum is an excellent anti-acne and healing agent, stimulating cell renewal and reducing wrinkles, pimples, and sunspots. Helps hydrate, smooth, lift, nourish, rejuvenate, and renew the skin. On an aesthetic level it has an extraordinary tensor (botox) effect making the skin tighter, luminous, and compact.

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Fast forward 2021

Our results-driven, Vegan skincare range makes its debut. Based on marine and plant-based technology

Marine algaes and seaweeds have been evolving on earth for a much longer time than terrestrial plants, which is why their chemical makeup is so much more advanced.
They have evolved to deal with a wide range of harsh environments which has resulted in their extraordinarily high percentages of vitamins, minerals and especially antioxidants.
On top of that, their seawater environment contains almost identical chemistry as blood plasma, lymph and the fluids of the human body.
From seawater, seaweed absorbs the same concentration of minerals and essential elements that our bodies need to survive.
All of these adaptations have created bioavailable compounds that protect cells against environmental aggressors such as ultra-violet radiation, pollution, smoking and deficient nutrition which is why all of our products include at least one kind of seaweed-based ingredient. .
In addition to focusing on the healing benefits of seaweed, we are committed to providing our customers with cruelty-free products.
Our products and ingredients never have been and never will be tested on animals. We care deeply for the earth and its inhabitants and continue to look for ways we can improve our practices to support our beautiful planet.

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Flower Power Serum

Multi-acid gradual peel

Our unique face serum with anti-ageing properties is designed to reveal healthy, glowing, smoother skin after just a few applications. Improves skin complexion, removes dead skin cells, helps with acne prone skin, eczema and rosacea. Increases cell renewal by 30% compared with AHAs enriched with marine algae and hyaluronic acid to increases skin hydration.

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Vitamin C Moisturising Mist

An Isotonic Seawater Mist fortified with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to attract and retain moisture to the skin. Antioxidants,mucopolysaccharides and aloe vera to restore lost minerals and vital elements. Protects skin cells from environmental damage with Vitamin C and E. Refreshes the skin when feeling dehydrated.
Use after cleansing or whenever skin needs refreshing. Over make-up and ideal for long haul flight.

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All-day Hydrating Moisturiser With Natural SPF 30

A silky-smooth moisturiser formulated to nourish and protect the skin against UV and other external ageing factors. Formulated with powerful antioxidants and organic sun protection, it is non-whitening, and it will help create a flawless base and even skin tone while nourishing and moisturising the skin.
Protects skin from environmental ageing factors and reflects the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays with a SPF 30.
Eco friendly

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SOS, Daily Repair Serum

This intensive anti-aging moisturiser and treatment is an instant pick-me-up for damaged, sensitive, acne, dry, and very dry skin. Enriched with liquid oxygen, potent antioxidants and Omega acids, it offers skin repair, powerful moisture to boost recovery and hydration and defend skin against environmental factors, leaving it silky smooth. Boosts cellular metabolism while shielding skin from external elements. Speeds healing thus making it ideal to use on damaged skin (burns, scratches, sun exposure, cold wind) and even on acne skin as it will normalise sebaceous secretions. Absorbs in a few minutes and does not leave an oily feeling to the skin.

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Energ-eyes Luminous Eye-serum

Brighten up those peepers !
Formulated with Marine Extracts and a blend of Peptides and Trans-Resveratrol to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Seaweed Polysaccharides firm the skin’s connective matrix and repair sun-exposure damage to cellular DNA. Contains Vitamin C Esters and Vitamin E, powerful antioxidants to protect the skin around the eyes from environmental damage.
Firming the delicate skin and increased luminosity under the eyes and reducing crow’s feet.

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Meet Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Hair & Body Bars

Development as an alternative to plastic bottled shampoos, body washes, and shower gels. With a natural origin base of 93.74%. Naturally coloured with beneficial whole cold-pressed oils and essential oils. No petroleum-based dyes. Coconut & vegetable-derived ingredients. Ultra-mild, with a PH of around 6.5. They are suitable for sensitive skin. Ideal for shampoo and general use or even a shaving soap.
High foaming, creamy lather, which leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. Gently remove dirt, oil, and make-up without disrupting the skin’s natural barrier.
They come in 5 variations to suit your needs

Home Is Where The Heart Is  !  

A Vegan, Natural, Non- Toxic  Range Of Room Fragrance and Candles.

To Relax, Inspire And Energise The Mind And Body    

Meet our Smart range of natural plant-based Room Fragrance and wax candles, made using ingredients that are kinder to the environment. Our milk bottles and storage jar candles offer stylish and recyclable containers, with a choice of natural fragrances from high-quality essential oils, to relax, unwind, uplift, or inspire the mind and body. Manufactured from a natural plant source, which as a raw material is both sustainable and kind to the environment. Our natural candles are not produced from petroleum-based paraffin wax, animal, or beeswax-based products. We use environmentally friendly packaging and glass and obtain our ingredients from sustainable sources. Hand-poured in the UK. Up to 50 hrs Burning time Eco Friendly. Vegan. Cotton Wicks. Long Burning Times. Burn Cleanly with hardly any soot. Available in four sizes and three amazing natural fragrance’s