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I can't believe the difference this made to treating and healing my skin. Carly

This is the best think I have ever used on my sons skin. Instantly calms the redness heat and irrigation, Total amazed. My son calls it his  magic cream, Can't praise it or you enough. Carly

I discovered Smartass skincare online, I was recommended to try the cleansing bar to help with my perioral Dermatitis. Within a few days the redness and soreness had gone and within a few weeks it had cleared up. I am now using the other products which I hope helps with my pigmentation and melasma. So far I am loving the results. @lindlovinlife

Power of Donkey Milk Before and After
Power of Donkey Milk Before and After

My periodal dermatitis was always been an issue love trying new products but end up like this . Thanks to SmartAss skincare I have finally found something that not only works but replaces all the usual products as it exfoliate brightens re-balances and moisturizers my skin in one ! A real find, it's all natural, organic and environmentally friendly. Amazingly Smartassbeauty Clare

After 1 week of use you can see such a huge difference.. Not only heals the skin but rebalancing my oily T zone. Robyn

Power of Donkey Milk Before and After
Power of Donkey Milk Before and After

Honestly can't believe the results. I feel like it's been a miracle ! I have suffered with acne from PCOS since I was 14 and this is the only thing that seems to work after years or searching. @the.muddymummy