Hair and body Bar ……..Rebuild and Renew


Hair and Body Bar……. Rebuild and Renew
Soap-Free Formulae

With Apricot, Jojoba, Coconut, Lime & Rosehip Oil. This is a good blend for dry & itchy scalp. Apricot has Omega 9 fatty acid that may hydrate the scalp & makes it feel softer. It also has linoleic acid that may help with hair growth. Jojoba is good to moisturise the scalp, rich in Vitamin B, C & E, Copper & Zinc both important minerals for healthy hair. Coconut is good for moisturising hair & scalp, may give shine to hair & prevents split ends, a good oil for long/curly hair. Lime may help with acne & common scalp problems. Can help avoid dandruff, regulate oily scalp & give shine to dull-looking hair. Rosehip rich in Vitamin A & C, a natural conditioner, may also help promote hair growth by renewing & healing hair follicles.

Development as an alternative to plastic bottled shampoos, body washes, and shower gels. With a natural origin base of 93.74%.
Naturally coloured with beneficial whole cold-pressed oils and essential oils. No petroleum-based dyes. Coconut & vegetable-derived ingredients. Ultra-mild, with a PH of around 6.5. They are suitable for sensitive skin. Ideal for shampoo and general use or even a shaving soap.
High foaming, creamy lather, which leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. Gently remove dirt, oil, and make-up without disrupting the skin’s natural barrier.



Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate,
Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Aqua,
Polyglyceryl-4 Laurate, Glycerin,
Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate,
Parfum (contains: Limonene)

PH balanced, soap-free, vegan-friendly, plastic-free, cruelty-free, SLS/paraben/phthalates free,

Made in the U.K.

Suitable for most hair types


Wet your hair.

Grab your Smartass Shampoo Bar, immerse yourself in the beautiful scent while lathering up between your wet hands.

Massage the lather into your hair from scalp to ends.

Rinse off. Repeat if desired

Why use our Shampoo Solid Bar?

Our bars contain little or no preservatives and pure ingredients like coconut oil, vegetable-derived ingredients, and essential oils. We sell bars for oily, dry, and sensitive skin & hair types. They are very mild with a ph. of 6.5 suitable for very sensitive skin. The bars last much longer than your normal shampoo in a bottle and they are plastic-free. The bars can last a long time depending on how you use and store them. They require a little water to start lathering and should not be left under running water. When you have finished using a bar, leave it in a dry place. They are better for the environment. The bars are kinder to the environment as we use biodegradable ingredients and there is no need to use plastic at all! We make 5 different bar formulas for all sorts of hair types. The ingredients have amazing benefits for both hair scalp and skin.

With a natural origin base of 93.74%.

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