I believe the skincare we use is only as good as the ingredients used to make it. We wanted to create unique products, taking great care and attention choosing only natural and organic ingredients, letting mother nature heal, protect and nourish your skin.

Our Skincare products are the very definition of Superfood for your skin. Packed full of nature’s natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that and will leave it feeling softer, replenished, brighter, hydrated and more compact.

Our smart naturally inspired products are made and created in small batches using the finest natural ingredients and pure fresh donkey milk from ethically sourced and sustainable sources.

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How it began polaroids

How it all began

After enjoying a holiday touring around the beautiful island of Sardinia around 15 years ago, my late partner and I, fell in love with its, wonders of nature, breath-taking cliffs, gorgeous sandy coves, beautiful heartland, and unspoiled natural beauty. It is still a place where nature and people still live in harmony and respect.

On visiting a famous spa on Island, and speaking to the one of the therapists who had troublesome acne, she told me about the benefits of donkey milk on her skin, and its dermal and aesthetic benefits, having worked in the pharmaceutical industry, before studying alternative medicine, then latterly 10 years in the beauty sector, this was something I had to explore further. So, work thereafter began to research and produce our amazing products.

The ingredients

What make your product so special? 10 years of research and development went into the selection and re-establishment of the Sardinian donkey, they live totally free in wild pastures, in the Mediterranean grass and scrub land in central Sardinia Their milk is one of a kind due to the herbs and natural ingredients they eat, these unique properties are then transferred along with other natural ingredients and oils to make our truly amazing products.

I feel very passionate about these products, because I know they work! by choosing only the highest quality ingredients, this in turn ensures that the products have the most benefit for your skin, they will help to improve to look and feel of your skin naturally, without the use of harsh chemical’s cheap fillers, water etc, Empowering women to feel and look the best version of themselves.

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