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Getting Your Glow Back

Let’s look at our general health, a healthy gut, and its effect on our skin

Beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within. Older cells are constantly shed and replaced by younger ones and a steady supply of key nutrients is essential to support this rapid growth. Eat the correct balance of foods and you'll feed your skin the vital nutrients it needs to help it stay soft, supple and healthy.

Ageing, wrinkles and age spots are the inevitable result of time, but skin ageing may be sped up by overexposure to the sun and tanning beds, strong facial products, that strip the skins defence barrier, chemicals, both external and internal, poor nutrition, smoking and alcohol. Treat your skin kindly and optimize your nutrition by eating antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables, healthy fats from oily fish and nuts, and a varied and balanced diet. This should give optimal levels of the nutrients that are crucial for radiant skin, including beta carotene, vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium. Vitamin E protects skin from oxidative (cell) damage and supports healthy skin growth.

That’s where our donkey milk comes come into its own

Donkey milk is also well known to be highly digestible and due to its pleasant and sweet taste, it is also highly palatable

Donkey milk is also enriched with vitamin C (60 times more than cow’s milk), vitamins A, B1 B2 B6, D, E, C K omega -3 (linolenic acid) and omega -6 fatty acids (linoleic acid), minerals, and trace elements such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus iron, etc. Immunoglobulins (lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme) alkylglycerols are involved in immune defence. Strengthening immunity and other respiratory tract infections such as tuberculosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, cough, and asthma. It is also very beneficial for those suffering from bone illnesses due to a high percentage of vitamin D and calcium

Did you know we also sell our donkey milk freeze dried and convenient one 60ml daily dose provides your daily dose of nutrients as well as it anti-inflammatory benefits, and gut health

When it comes to skin issues, chronic diseases, and allergic skin conditions, acne, eczemas, psoriasis, it has calming healing and restorative effects. Donkey milk also contains a protein called Lysozyme it has the ability to cut the membrane of the bacteria so it will inhibit bacterial growth and thus providing antimicrobial and an antibacterial action

With respect to intestinal problems, donkey milk regenerates intestinal flora and fights constipation. It provides liver detoxification;

Donkey milk reinforces immunodeficiency during chemotherapy and long-term illness and it reduces fatigue and stress

Now that’s Smart!! One product so many amazing benefits Try SmartAss Donkey Milk here!

After Your Workout

How to do... Post-Workout Skincare

Your post-workout skincare routine should always start with cleansing to wash away sweat and bacteria and prevent your pores from clogging. Clogged pores can lead to breakouts called “sweat pimples”, as well as blackheads and white heads. Sweat contains salt which can cause skin irritation and dehydration, so it’s important to do this as soon as possible after completing your workout – ideally within 15 minutes. 

Working out can create a breeding ground for bacteria on your skin, especially in confined spaces like gyms or with groups of people. Wash away sweat, bacteria and dead skin cells with a good quality antibacterial cleansing bar to minimise the risk of breakouts. 

We recommend the Smart Ass Cleansing Bar, which is formulated with multivitamin and mineral complexes to bolster the skin’s natural defences. It also has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect post-workout skin snack! 

Showering after exercise should also be an important part of your post-workout routine. It not only gets you clean and protects you from breakouts, but it can also help your heart rate and core temperature naturally decrease. Taking a lukewarm or cool shower works best. 

Interesting Fact 

Did you know that regular blasts in the shower with cool water can give your immune system a quick boost? Studies have found that taking a daily shower that starts warm and ends with a 30 to 90 second burst of cold water significantly reduced the number of sick days that participants used at work. 

Post-workout skincare routine

Smart Tips 

🥛Always clean your face with tepid rather than hot water, as hot water can cause skin redness and inflame rosacea. You need to cool your skin down to prevent breaking blood vessels and return the skin to normal temperature. 

🥛Don’t wear makeup to go to the gym - your skin needs to breathe! If it's something you can't live without then try a tinted moisturiser or mineral makeup instead. 

🥛Don’t use harsh chemical-filled cleansers after exercise, as this can cause skin irritation and redness. 

🥛A final rinse with cold water after cleansing can give your skin a heathy glow, as cold water tightens and constricts the blood flow. 

🥛Keep hair off your face as much as possible this to prevent oils, hair products, and other pollutants from getting into pores. 

🥛Finally, and most importantly - try not to touch your face! Gyms are full of other people and bacteria and it’s super easy to spread bacteria from your hands to face, hence why it’s also important to keep your hair tied back. 

Best Post-Workout Skincare Products

Our Smart Ass skincare products are formulated with your lifestyle in mind. Gentle enough to prevent irritation and breakouts, and powerful enough to nourish and balance your skin, they're the perfect partners for a post-workout pamper.

Check out our favourite goodies to follow up your workout:

Luxury Cream Cleansing Bar

Face Envy Superfood Face Cream

Balance and Revitalise Shampoo and Body Bar


Pigmentation the lowdown after lockdown

If you suffer from pigmentation, don’t worry; you’re not alone. In fact, it’s one of the biggest skin concerns for women around the world.

So, whether you’ve been battling with pigmentation for years, you’ve developed the pregnancy pigmentation (a.k.a. melasma) or you’re hoping to flee to warmer climes this summer to indulge in some sunbathing. Here’s the lowdown after lockdown

What is pigmentation? Your skin gets its colour from a pigment called melanin made by special cells in the skin. An overproduction of melanin either from stress, ageing or the sun can cause melanin to overproduce, in turn leading to clusters appearing on the surface of your skin, called pigmentation.

Yes, it affects most of us. And yes, it’s not just limited to your face. It’s a common skin concern that affects people of all skin types. It can appear in smaller patches, it can cover larger areas, and in rare cases can cover the entire body. Pigmentation happens when your skin produces more melanin (the pigment responsible for giving your skin its colour) than normal. The excess pigment is deposited deep within the skin, giving it a darker look than the skin around it. The risk of pigmentation issues increases with cell ageing and generally affects the areas that are most exposed to the sun over time (face, neck, hands, etc.).

What causes it? We all know the sun plays a big part in the development of pigmentation, but there are many other factors at play. Depending on your skin type, you can be susceptible to different forms of pigmentation. For instance, post-inflammatory pigmentation happens after inflammation of the skin and follows injury or an inflammatory disorder (such as eczema, dermatitis etc.). While it’s a temporary phenomenon, it can be more intense and longer-lasting in darker skin types. For those with fair skin, freckles, which can be attributed to genetic makeup, can darken and increase in number after spending time in the sun.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there, as things like the pill, stress, and even pregnancy can add fuel to the fire. Chloasma (melasma) is when patches of dark pigmentation appear, usually on your face, and this indicates hormonal changes. It is mostly, but not exclusively associated with pregnancy hormones during pregnancy. Chloasma is sometimes called the mask of pregnancy. It is however important to note that in some cases, hyperpigmentation can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition, such as Addison’s disease, so always get check if you’re concerned.

How can it be treated? The good news is, there are ways to treat and reduce the appearance of pigmentation. In all instances, pigmentation conditions need careful management and with our knowledge and help you’re in good hands. We have a daily treatment that is effective at resolving the visible effects of pigmentation,

What about products? When it comes to ingredients, there are a few powerhouse essentials that really can make a difference. So, when it comes to picking the perfect products, we have just what you need the UK’s first ever Superfood formulae’s, safe effective and powerful.

It is all in the composition, nothing else compare’s When it comes to Donkey Milk the benefits are vast, containing vitamins A retinol B1, B2, B6, C, D, E,K proteins ,lipids, ceramides ,omega 3 and 6, lactic acid and trace elements, this amazing composition treat dark spots, pigmentation, wrinkles ,ageing skin, inflammation, uneven skin tone, dark circles, spider veins, stretchmark’s, it exfoliates, absorbs uv rays and promotes the growth of healthy skin cells and repairs damaged skin it is also excellent in the treatment of acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis“ it promotes the correct ph of the skin to regain the correct acid mantle and protective barrier.

Retinol: This is one of the most talked-about ingredients of the decade and can be helpful in reducing the appearance of dark pigmentation spots by speeding up natural skin cell turnover. Its naturally occurring in our Donkey milk product so can be used day and night

Smart Ass Super Serum

Vitamin C: Applying a product containing vitamin C can help fade marks of hyperpigmentation for a more even-toned complexion. By using products with both vitamins C and E, you can even your skin tone while enhancing its beautiful brightness.

Super C Vitamin C Spray or our SOS daily repair

Vitamin B 3 Nicotinamide: This powerful skincare ingredient has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and even skin tone

Smart Ass Mega Moisture

What’s the worst thing you can do for pigmentation? Simply Not giving your skin full protection against sun exposure and environmental damage is the worst thing you can do for pigmentation. We would always recommend protection for the skin is applied daily in all weather conditions

Our daily Hydrating Forget Me Not Cream is a must pop on last after you daily routine and apply as often as required

It’s also important to avoid picking the skin after an injury or if you have acne or eczema etc. as this can also cause the affected area to be susceptible to a pigmentation condition called post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Mens Skin Care Breakouts

Sudden acne breakouts can be because of numerous reasons, including Hormonal changes or hormonal imbalance, an unhealthy diet including lots of deep fried and junk food, alcohol, the release of cortisol hormones because of excessive stress, excessive production of sebum, the use of masks and much more.

Some top tips

Make sure you get good sleep, fresh air, and exercise, including some time outside every day, Daylight increases vitamin D levels, and we need vitamin D in order for our bodies to synthesize Vitamin C.

Increase your intake of water this will help to flush toxins for the digestive system, the kidneys and liver, The stomach is known as the second brain so good gut heath and diet are important in skin health.

Cleanse your skin twice a day morning and evening.

Be careful not to use harsh products packed with chemicals, as they will strip the skins natural barrier, leading to a further increase acne dermatitis and inflammation.

Choose an option with natural AHA acids (flower peel) which all help to break down the bonds between dead skin cells, eliminating them from the surface of your skin, remove excess oil, and helps to kills the bacteria that causes acne, BHA (salicylic acid) this will help to clean out pores out and keep them clear of further outbreaks.

Overuse of exfoliators should be avoided One of the biggest causes of outbreaks is due to the disruption of the skins natural defense barrier, caused by over exfoliation too many active ingredients (skin layering) cuts scrapes bites etc. shaving.

When we shave, we are also removing dead skin cells, but shaving over and area any with blemishes or abrasions can cause further out breaks and irritation. Donkey milk is one of the best products to use not only protect the skins barrier but it natural anti- microbial anti biotic effects calms sooths and renews the skin epidermis and reduces redness immediately.

Click here to check out our sea inspired vegan range where you will find great products to treat and prevent breakouts.

First Up, Seaweed !

One wonders why so important and vital a family of plants should be referred to as a ‘weed.’ We think of weeds as nuisance but once we are aware of the many fabulous properties of these marine plants, we might want to refer to them as Sea Herbs and vegetables. There are more than 30,000 species of marine algae ranging in size from microscopic plankton to the giant kelp beds, that grow to a size of 60 metres.

We are going to explain a few of their amazing benefits you may not be aware of.

DNA Repairing Enzymes: Extracted from marine plankton have been shown to repair DNA following damage due to excess sun (ultra-violet) exposure. The stress caused by overexposure to the sun results in your skin’s DNA molecules to get out of alignment. Topical application of a cream with plankton enzymes plays the role of a molecular chiropractor by re-aligning DNA molecules within 2-4 hours. Research at Heinrich Heine University in Germany suggests that marine plankton may play a role in the prevention of skin cancer. TRY SOS daily repair

Dermal Rejuvenation: L-Fucose (a form of fucoidan) is a polysaccharide that helps to strengthen the connective tissue matrix of support of your skin. Topical application of seaweed extracts containing this power-polysaccharide was shown to help thicken the skin’s dermis with the result that the appearance of wrinkles was diminished due to the uplifting effect. As contained in our Vitamin C spray

Building Blocks of Life: Seawater is known to have all the elements of life and has been compared to blood plasma, lymph and the fluids that make up 70% of the human body. Marine plants which obtain their nutrients from seawater, are concentrated storehouses of all the elements found in the sea. As the base of the food chain, marine plants deliver all the sea’s nutrients to our skin to support and accelerate cellular regeneration, delivering vital elements such as magnesium, potassium, iodine, copper and zinc essential in the synthesis of collagen and other skin fibres.

Marine Polysaccharides from seaweed are natural moisturizers that help leave skin smooth and firm to the touch. These saccharides reduce inflammation and lock in moisture. Try our Our Forget-me not all day moisturiser and Energ-eyes for mx benefits

Arctic Peptides for Skin Firming: Extracted from Irish Moss, these peptides are harvested north of the Arctic Circle off the coast of Greenland. Due to the harsh climate of the frozen seas, these seaweeds adapted by creating special peptides from arginine and taurine. Applied to the skin, they act as messengers to stimulate collagen synthesis. Found in our SOS daily repair

Anti-inflammation: Environmental aging factors such as stress, pollution and poor diet create an inflammatory response responsible for advanced aging. Marine algae contain the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents in the form of astaxanthin and omega fatty acids (3,6 & 7) that reduce skin redness and calm skin irritations. These are essential in the treatment of rosacea, eczema, and dermatitis. Try our Vitamin C Spray and SOS daily repair.

DNA Defence: Seaweed is also the richest source of antioxidants. When applied to the skin, they offer us an Eco-Protective Shield against environmental aging factors. Marine algae contain the full range of carotenoids from beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein to astaxanthin, zeaxanthin and polyphenols. Our energ-eyes is perfect

Detoxification: Calcium and magnesium found in seaweed are useful in helping the body rid itself of toxins.

Hormonal Balancing: Did you know that iodine not only helps to normalize metabolism, but it is also essential to the female reproductive organs to balance oestrogen.

These are but a few of the miraculous properties of these marine plants.

In an age when we are more and more alienated from nature, seaweed helps us to reconnect with the very source of life itself (the vast ocean surrounding our planet) to restore and replenish the ocean within our bodies.

We can truly no longer ignore this family of plants and the gifts they give us.

Marine Cosmetics Blog Image

Meet our new Marine Range

Welcome the the world of Marine Based Technology

I wanted to introduce you to our new range of inspired skincare products.

We have taken our inspiration again from nature, but also from the ocean, to create an amazing range of marine based products.

As you know as a company, we differentiate ourselves from others, as always, by using only natural and organic ingredients and high percentages of active ingredients for maximum results and most benefits possible.


Marine algae and seaweeds have been evolving on earth for a much longer time than terrestrial plants, which is why their chemical makeup is so much more advanced.

They have evolved to deal with a wide range of harsh environments which has resulted in their extraordinarily high percentages of vitamins, minerals and especially antioxidants.

On top of that, their seawater environment contains almost identical chemistry as blood plasma, lymph, and the fluids of the human body. Seaweed absorbs the same concentration of minerals and essential elements that our bodies need to survive.


Marine plants which obtain their nutrients from seawater, are concentrated storehouses of all the elements found in the sea. As the base of the food chain, marine plants deliver all the sea’s nutrients to our skin to support and accelerate cellular regeneration, delivering vital elements such as magnesium, potassium, iodine, copper, and zinc essential in the synthesis of collagen and other skin fibres.


All these adaptations have created bioavailable compounds that protect cells against environmental aggressors such as ultra-violet radiation, pollution, smoking and deficient nutrition which is why all our products include at least one kind of seaweed-based ingredient.

The seaweed we use is sustainably harvested off the coast of Brittany in France.

In addition to focusing on the healing benefits of seaweed, we are committed to providing our customers with cruelty-free products.

Our products and ingredients never have been and never will be tested on animals.


This new range of marine inspired products suitable for Vegan’s

We care deeply for the earth and its inhabitants and continue to look for ways we can improve our practices to support our beautiful planet.

Breaking out with Lockdown ???

Breaking out with Lockdown

After months of wearing masks, we are all too well aware they protect us from airborne viruses (covid-19 ) and bacteria, unfortunately for many of us the down side is an uptake in acne breakouts, skin irritations and perioral dermatitis . Breakouts caused by masks have become so prominent that the word “MASKne” has even been added to the Urban Dictionary.

So why do masks cause our skin to break-out?

Many people can see irritation from the physical friction or pressure of the material on their skin, while others will see acne and blemishes pop up.

Because masks tend to move while we are talking, we are continually touching our faces to adjust them, Even the simple act of breathing while wearing your mask causes acne, because when we breathe or talk into the masks, we increase moisture. This can result in an overgrowth of bacteria, which can create acne, inflamed hair follicles and a flare-up of rosacea and dermatitis.

To avoid blemishes, some simple changes in your skin care routine and consider what kind of mask you are wearing can help. So here is our top tips and recommendations to curb any breakouts and protect the skin barrier.

Tip……. Mask options

Try a 3-ply disposable sterile mask is our favourite mask for acne-prone skin! We always recommend disposing of them responsibly

When it comes to acne-prone skin, try to find a mask in a breathable material such as cotton, the effectiveness of cloth masks depends on the material, the fit and the number and kind of layers.

Silk is another great option, because it has antimicrobial properties and is better for people with sensitive skin. However, silk masks are not as effective at preventing the spread of the novel type of virus.

Regardless of the material, the mask needs to be cleaned regularly, both to protect yourself from the virus and from exacerbating acne breakouts. The build-up of bacteria, sweating, makeup, lip balm and natural oils can worsen acne and skin irritation when pressed against your skin. For this reason, you should start every day with a clean mask.


When washing your mask, I first spray with an anti bac spray like Dettol, then choose a gentle detergent free from acne-causing additives like fragrances and dyes and use the hottest water possible. Make sure it is completely dry.


Try not to wear make-up under your mask.

Masks trap moisture, sweat, oil and dirt close to our skin, which causes acne when mixed with sweat by forcing dirt and bacteria in the pores.

Think of all the money you will save!! If you absolutely cannot skip makeup under your mask, remove it as soon as you get home.

Skin care tips……………….

Cleansing morning and night with our cleansing bar, is very important to remove any traces of debris, oil and make-up from the skin, the skin is then protected from inflammatory processes, from free radicals responsible for cellular ageing, and from bacteria.

Followed by our 98 % Serum donkey milk serum, applied regularly, it rebalances the skin in a very short time, reduces acne and inflammation on the skin. The presence of Trans-retinoic acid and vitamin A enhance the integrity and efficiency of cell immunity, a high content of lysozyme, a substance which provides a bacterial and antiseptic action and acts as an anti-inflammatory, fighting infection, healing wounds and strengthens the natural immune system. Packed with antioxidants and anti-aging properties, and an excellent treatment in the cure of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, and soothing for sensitive skin .

Amino Acids in Donkey Milk

Amino acids in Donkey milk

We start this topic with just one of the important amino acids found in Donkey’s Milk

So, let us talk about topically applied amino acids (found in donkey milk) and what they do to the skins surface. Topically applied amino acids have different jobs compared to ingested amino acids. Beauty sites are being a bit unclear when talking about different types of amino acids.  They take certain amino acids and say it is great for your skin but do not go into detail that it only works for you when you ingest the amino acid and does nothing when you apply it to the skin.

Arginine is one an amino acid which works for you when applied to the skin. It is found to be an antioxidant, aids in building collagen, helps to reduce the signs of aging and is a humectant.

Arginine found in the milk of animals especially in donkey milk.

For example

Donkey milk 4.6g / 100g

Goat milk 2.9g / 100g

Arginine fights free radicals; those are things like pollutants and UV rays which cause early skin aging. Free radicals damage collagen. Think of collagen like mortar that holds cinder blocks or bricks together. Even mortar when exposed to the elements eventually starts to break down by pollutants in the air, chemicals or even harsh pressure washing and your job is to repair the mortar, or your house or wall will crumble.

Over the years your collagen gets broken down by the same things. Chemicals that are in your wipes, makeup, face washes etc., pollutants in the air or UV rays and your job is to repair it or keep it from degrading. Just like mortar, it can be fixed but it needs to be attended to early on.

To keep your skin from breaking down collagen.

  1. Wear Sunscreen as much as possible!
  2. Wash your face every day with our cleansing bar!
  3. Apply a daytime moisturizer that contains antioxidants.

The sunscreen will help keep those UV rays from breaking down your collagen. Washing your face will help get those pollutants Bye the way makeup is also regarded as a pollutant so washing it off in the evening is so important and keep it from breaking down your collagen.

A serum or moisturizer with antioxidants will help “shoo” away from those demonic free radicals. Think about your grandma sweeping the floor and shooing you out the door as a kid with a broom, so she finishes cleaning the floor. That is what antioxidants do.

Arginine draws water to the skin's surface and locks it in. It may play a role in working with other proteins on the skin's surface, balancing the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor.  More research needs to be done to see if Arginine plays a vital role in that aspect.

TIP: ******Stay away from synthetic retinol and retinoids (Vitamin A) products in your daytime face cream, moisturizer, lotion or whatever it is you use. The sun UV rays react with retinol breaking down your collagen faster. Making you age faster!  Use any retinol-containing products at night-time.

cleansing bar 

super serum

mega moisture 

donkey milk 


Donkey Milk Skincare Application

Donkey Milk a Skin Superfood

Donkey Milk contains 40 times more vitamin C compared with cow’s milk.

More vitamin C = more exfoliation = more glow.
Outside of that, it is chock full of amazingness for your skin. It contains casein, lactose, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, and E, K making it a nutritional powerhouse on your skin.

donkey milk 

It has amazing rejuvenating properties

High levels of protein, phospholipids and ceramides give it amazing restructuring properties, helping it with skin tightening, regeneration and smoothening.

Try our 78% mega moisture 78 % pure fresh donkey milk with nourishing oils 

It has anti-acne fighting properties

Donkey milk contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds, which helps to reduce and calm down skin irritation and redness.
This means that it helps skin that is irritated and inflamed and has been used as a natural remedy for acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Try our 98% super serum 

It has natural exfoliating properties

Naturally occurring lactic acid in Donkey Milk encourages the exfoliation of your skin, which means shedding old skin cells to reveal the new.
This encourages the fading of scars and discoloration, evening skin tone, and helps with acne and wrinkles.

It why the ancient Greeks and Cleopatra used it to stay “forever young “

Cleopatra reportedly owed her brilliant complexion to her stable of 700 donkeys, who regularly produced enough milk for her to take baths in it.
The Ancient Greeks used Donkey Milk for all sorts of ailments, from liver problems to infectious diseases.

Our 98 % Serum contains a phenomenal 98 percent pure fresh donkey milk

Still not convinced

Check out our testimonials and real results page

“These products have helped me so much, the difference as you can see! They are so helpful and knowledgeable; I can’t thank them enough “


Donkey Milk

Donkey Milk my first Impressions

While people are encouraged to put a laundry list of ingredients on their skin throughout my time as a beauty therapist and as someone with once acne-prone and sensitive skin, I do pause with each new product. Will this throw my complexion into chaos? I think as I scoop out a bit of cream or a pump of serum. So, when I came across an ingredient that was effective at their intended purpose — be it brightening, exfoliating, or hydrating — without being irritating, I listened up. And such is the case with donkey milk.

It has a long and fascinating history of use. It's said that Cleopatra bathed in donkey's milk for her soft, supple skin. Centuries ago, and now again today, it is being used medicinally in parts of India and Africa. It's been an ingredient used by Greek homeopathic practitioners for years, both topically and internally. It has even been used as a substitute for breast milk, as structurally it most closely resembles human milk. This is all to say: If time and history is any indication, there is something here.

Now In fact this past year, it was the most Googled ingredient, with over 27 million results. find our here  Smartass Donkey milk 


Let’s talk benefits

The ingredient gets its acclaim from its dense nutrient profile. Called a "natural elixir of youth," it contains several special actives: vitamins A, D, and C; as well as proteins and fatty acids. This blend of nutrients is significant for several reasons.

First up, vitamin A — or what retinol is derived from. Retinol is beloved for its ability to encourage skin cell turnover and help skin cells act younger; however, it is notoriously difficult on skin. But natural alternatives, like vitamin A or bakuchiol, do not have the same issues of irritation. (That being said: They're also not as potent, nor do they all work in the same ways, which is a good thing for many of us with sensitive skin!) Donkey milk contains a surprisingly high amount of the antioxidant, so one of the main functions of the ingredient is skin cell renewal. Expect to see younger, brighter-looking skin with regular use.

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for our skin — as it can help deter premature aging and has major anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies show it can help ease inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and acne. However, vitamin D's relationship with the skin is a complex one. The primary way humans get it is through UV exposure, but we also know that too much of that has adverse effects on the skin. It's vital to take it as a supplement for your overall health, yes, but you can also help soothe stressed-out skin with it when you use it topically. Donkey milk naturally contains the vitamin, unlike other kinds of milk.

Then we have a host of other ingredients, like vitamin C. ("Vitamin C is one of the few active ingredients that can benefit all skin types This can help improve collagen production in the skin, as well as fight free radicals and help overall tone. Then there are the proteins and fatty acids to help moisture skin as well.

Our 98% Super serum is packed with 98 % of this amazingness 

It should go without saying that this is not a vegan product, as it contains an animal by-product.

However, donkey milk is collected humanely — with the baby and mother being kept together, unlike typical cow's milk extraction in which they are separated, as the mother donkey literally cannot produce milk without the child present. This also tends to mean the ingredient is created in small batches (much like goat's milk), so it tends to be a rarer, harder-to-find ingredient.

To me of the best ingredients are those that are used time and again, by cultures across the globe. Donkey milk checks all the boxes, as it's soothing, encourages skin cell renewal, and protects skin with its antioxidant properties. Our 78 % mega moisture combines 78 % milk with natural and regenerating oils from the Mediterranean