Our Donkey Milk Skincare in the Media

Thank you @smartass.skincare.uk for sending these out I’m so glad I got to try these amazing products. Would highly recommend them.

Donkey Milk Skincare Range

September 2020

Featured in the metro.co.uk magazine article 'The Fit List - New Faves For Fitness'.

Donkey Milk in the Metro
Donkey Milk Cleansing Bar

“I very rarely have any skin concerns, that was until recently where I had an episode of perioral dermatitis. I completely stripped back my cleansing regime, replacing my usual cleansing oil with SmartAss Cleansing Bar. I loved that the bar contained only natural and organic ingredients also had antibacterial properties so I felt I was in safe hands. From the first time I started using the cleansing bar in the evening to remove makeup, I noticed that my skin was less textured and felt smoother, without further outbreaks (which was happening on a daily basis beforehand). I still wore makeup, just a very lightweight powder foundation and a week later my skin had returned to its normal condition. The perioral dermatitis had vanished and hasn’t returned since. Thank you SmartAss beauty. Highly recommended.”


Scots mum launches 'Smart Ass' anti-ageing beauty range made from donkey milk to give botox effect.

Daily Record 17th September 2020

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