How It All Began!

It all started on a trip to a spa on the amazing island of Sardinia, famous for its natural habitat unique and traditional way of life, and their centenarians (the worlds oldest living population over 100 years)

The Encounter

Having suffered from skin breakouts since my teens and having two children with allergies to cows milk, causing eczema and digestive problems, my chance encounter at the spa that day with this woman who had also suffered the same conditions told me about Donkey milk and how it had healed her skin and changed her life.

Decades Of Experience At Our Fingertips

My career spanning 30 years started in pharmacy, alternative medicine, and latterly over a decade in the beauty industry, So I felt I was well placed to begin my journey as a formulator creating our unique and innovative products

From Humble Beginnings In My Home Lab

We launched Smart Ass beauty in 2020 after many years of research and development of our products and ingredients. Our aim was to create safe, all-natural skincare products that would calm, treat and heal the skin, naturally, normalizing and rebalancing it and bringing it back to life We continue to develop more products in our range, that will revolutionizing the way people manage and treat their skin

Products That WorkProducts That Care About The Environment

More than 90% of the world’s populations are affected by acne at some point in their life Although acne is a skin disease it can also have emotional and psychological issues
71% of the global population suffer from sensitive skin.
Eczema affects over 20% of the world’s children. Rosacea around 5% dermatitis around 15%